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Technology Consulting Services.

GRANDTECH LTD. consulting services help clients conceive, plan and execute
their business strategies, by aligning them with their information technology initiatives.Our consultants,with a broad mix of industry and technology experience Our skilled consultants help our clients in aggressively accelerating time-to- market and realizing business advantages much ahead of competition.We work with our client to understand their requirements completely. Based on a thorough and careful analysis, we develop the best and the most optimal technology strategy for the client.Our consulting services are an end-to-end offering, incorporating the right technology with industry best practices, to deliver high value business solutions.thence, collaborate with client executives to evolve strategies and solutions most appropriate to them. These strategies and solutions enable our clients to leverage new technologies , while protecting their current technology investments.Our skilled consultants  help our clients in aggressively  accelerating  time-to-market and  realizing  business  advantages  much ahead  of  competition.We  work  with  our  client  to  understand their  requirements  completely .Based on a thorough and careful analysis, we develop the best and the most optimal technology strategy  for  the  client.Our consulting services are an end-to-end offering,  incorporating  the  right technology  with industry  best  practices,  to deliver  high  value  business  solutions.

What we do
GRANDTECH  L TD.  has an enviable and consistent record of having completed projects on time and within budget.This consistency has been our  hallmark.Best practices from previous projects are systematically captured in our knowledge repoitories,without compromising on any confidentiality.These help us  in rapidly shortening the turnaround cycles.We closely watch emerging technology and process trends such as rapid application development and component-based software,to provide timely benefits to our  clients.One of the challenges that many companies face today is maintaining  and enhancing existing systems,while still requiring key technical resources to be available for the development of new systems.To support our clients in  addressing these challenges,we offer the following services.
• Co  Development
• End-to-End  Development
• Bespoke  Development
• Turn Key Solutions
• Product Development
Our experience in application development combined  with  a  tested offshore  delivery model aims at
• Cost-effective  solution to the clients
• Accelerated maintenance cycle
• Reduces management bandwidth required for  technology
• Allows  the client  to focus on core  business
In these days of  rapid technology changes, companies are facing a compeling  need to make their products and  services available on newer and more advanced platforms.Existing IT solutions thus needs to be continuously modified and enhaftware Migration and Re-engineering services help our clients in migrating or re-engineering  existing  systems,in a reliable and cost-effective manner .

Application  Management  Services

• Maintenance
• Enhancements
• Migration
Our migration services encompass
• Technology Migration
• Platform Migration
• Language Migration
• User Interface Migration
Our migration tools range from simple code parsers,complex data-schema  generators to highly  sophisticated  build environment generators.These lower the execution costs significantly,while simultaneously reducing cycle times.
Our strong re-engineering discipline enables our clients to leverage newer technologies that provide flexibility and faster time-to-market.Our team of business and technology  analysts assesses our clients’ re-engineering
requirements,and provides recommendations on the best and the quickest course to achieve the same.Our skilled and experienced engineering wing collaborates with clients in implementing the recommendations quickly and  cost-effectively.
The web is rapidly changing the way we conduct our business.It is acting as  a catalyst in fueling the economy worldwide. As a result, a whole new World with  unlimited opportunities  is  opening  its  doors  to  the business  community  across  the  globe.
We believe the  right  step  towards  this  direction would  be  making use  of  our experience and expertise t o develop  web – enabled applications.  Also  we  would  pool  in  all  our efforts  to  understand  the  web-scene  around the  company . Our  energies  will  be  totally  devoted  in  enabling  to  extract  the  best  possible solution  for  enhancing  the  user  needs  and  wants.
We  offer  the  following  Web  solutions
•  Domain  Name  Registration
It is extremely important to have a unique and relevant  brand  name  to  your  business  on  the Internet. Y our brand name is represented by a domain  name, which  is  a unique address  that identifies a computer  network,which  is connected  to  the  Internet.
Why you should invest in the domain?
Vital part of  corporate identity and has important as your logo or brand name Domain names are scarce and are a rapidly diminishing commodity  Distinct identity: There  can  only  be
one “www.yourcompany.com” on the  Internet.So make sure you register your  organization quickly before it is gone for good.The longer
you wait the less likely  you will be able to get your  specialized  name.Your  brand name  could  be  registered  for  Rs. 495/- (Rupees Four Hundred Ninety five  only ,for  one  year  all-inclusive).  It  could  be  yours within  48  hours  of  us  receiving  your  payment.
Why  register  with  us:
Best prices as we deliberately pass on the cost advantages  of  bulk  booking  to  our  customers.
No other hidden costs  like setup, administration handling etc.
No other conditions apply e.g. the  client is  free to have separate service  provider for hosting.
Free administration to handle/own/change the contacts (Admin  billing,  technical) for the domain as frequently as the client wishes.
Register with us through email: info@ivision.in
• Hosting  Solutions
T o enable a seamless information exchange over the web, it is important that the solutions be resident in  a reliable server and available at the right time.  We provide”quality sever space”ranging  from  100  MB  to  1  GB  at  affordable prices. Our motto is to present you an effective,simple and affordable way to make your entry into  the  Internet  with our  ability  to  provide”quality  space”on the net.
•  eBrochure design
It is important to attract customers to your website through interesting and useful information.Attractive web pages act as a vehicle to draw more and  more people to  your “online address” if  they have the right content.
We help you to create informative websites through  our  quality  designs.Our  team  of creative and talented designers will help you to create  an  identity  in  the  virtual  world.
Design  philosophy:
We take utmost care in designing a right kind of  site for  you.We start by collecting the requisite information  for  building  the  site.Our creative team  helps  you  in  fine-tuning  and  making  the information  presentable and interesting. After the content  is  ready ,our  designers will put in
their  effort  to  give  the  site  a  pleasant  and aesthetic look.Once the pages are ready they will  be  optimized  and  thoroughly  tested  for best  performance.
We are always welcome the suggestion of our clients  at  any  stage  of  the  design.We work with a  team  of  copywriters, visualisers, designers and web developers/programmers  to  give that extra touch  of  professionalism  to  our  work.
•  Professional  Corporate  Website  design
Domain  Name  Registration  for  1  Y ear Up  tot  7  Pages  of  design,  with  text,  graphics and  animations
1  Feed  back  form/  order  from
5  e-mail  account  (20  MB)  with  unlimited  alias
20  MB  Server  Space  for  1  Y ear
Set  up  and  virtual  Hosting
2 major and 3 minor  updates  per  year
Site designed, hosted and maintained by us for  1  year
•  eCommerce  Solutions
eCommerce  is  creating  ripples  in  the  “virtual World” and is  taking  the  global economy into dizzying heights. With the advent of eCommerce  the term global  village” is becoming  a  reality . It is high  time  that  any business with keen foresight made its mark in this revolution. We are committed to provide you the best e-solution to have a say over the web. Our forethought has helped us to come  out   with a  range of  eBusiness  tools  to accelerate  your  business  in the eCommerce revolution.
• Portal Solutions
With the web taking the center stage for all software  development activities,  it is safely becoming  a right media for  addressing requirements of the global customers.With”portal” being the current mantra of the web, we  intend  to  utilize our expertise in offering quality  solutions  in  this  area.
Software  testing  is  one  of  the  most neglected  aspects  of  the  development  life cycle, even though it is the key element, which  determines  business  success  or failure. Our  Software Testing and  Risk Management  service  is  a  formal,structured,methodical and complete solution  to any  software-testing requirement.Our risk management   professionals conduct  a series of interviews  with key client  personnel  to  understand and identify potential  software risks.After studying  and  assessing the  possible impacts  of  these  risks,we recommend appropriate mitigation procedures to overcome  them Our   QA  professionals have complete understanding of software architecture,
design and  development  issues  and nuances.We work closely with the
development teams  from the conception phase  on,providing invaluable  inputs on requirements qualification,completeness and testability.
Test strategy is  established to address user interface,stress,performance,  coverage testing as well as test automation.Based on the outcome of the  testing the QA team suggests  recommendations  that  would  help improve  the quality of the solution investments.